Public Pools
Public pools is a public facility for Token Holders (HODL). Public pools usually give same token as reward for staking.
Kindcow app Public pool allows Anonymous and Anyone to create the own pool for getting KIND as reward.
Kindcow team never giving any review of every token listed on this page because this finance is full decentralized, please make DYOR before invest on any token
Before invest on any farming platform , make sure You really understand the risk of Impermanent loss.​

Kindcow Gold (KIND) Pools Pools allow Binance Smart Chain projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to KIND token holders. Stake KIND in public pools to get KIND as reward

How to stake KIND in Pools ?

Make sure you already have KIND at your wallet
  • Connect your wallet and then accept your wallet to connect with
  • Click "APPROVE CONTRACT", your wallet should appear confirmation page
  • Regardly check the information,data, and amount do you want to stake. if all is finish, click "confirm"
  • Your KIND has been staked in Pool.

Add your own Public Pools

Add your new Pools with your own token with KIND as reward. You can Create Token and make a pool for Holders, but listing in public pool on is split into two ways: Core and Community.
  • Core will be initially selected by the Kindcow team.
  • Community will be projects that pass a community vote on the governance portal.
Detail information and request please contact in our telegram support.
Last modified 6mo ago